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October Updates: The Safety in Pride Project

Through community engagement, training, and increased reporting, the Safety in Pride Project focuses on increasing community safety and building trust with communities who have historically had strained relationships with law enforcement. We are excited to announce a few updates and some upcoming features which will be released November 1st.

New Training Available

Our first online training program has been released online and is available on the Training page. The training portal has been set up so that users can register and complete the training at their own speed. After successfully completing the training, users will get a certificate of completion emailed to them.

Take a look at the training video below and complete the full training here

Training 101: Respect in Reporting

Law Enforcement Engagement

We are working towards formalizing our partnerships and ask that law enforcement agencies interested in this training and increasing their community engagement, please click here to visit our Agency Partners page and connect your agency with this project.

Online Resource Connect

On November 1, 2023, The Safety in Pride Project will launch our Resource Connect portal. This will allow community members to search for safe reporting options and resources by city, through the website. This portal will include:
  • LGBTQ Liaisons at local law enforcement agencies

  • Online reporting options

  • Hotline phone numbers

  • Victim/Survivor resources

In addition, we will also be listing the law enforcement agencies who have pledge their support to this project and have reaffirmed their dedication to providing training and resources specifically to their staff on topics surrounding LGBTQ communities.

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